FluidClock Pro

The smarter digital clock for buildings

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clock sets time automatically with wifi

Automatically keeps perfect time

FluidClock sets itself automatically using your building's wifi network

Unlimited possibilities

Choose from hundreds of possible clock faces and colors

Installation is a snap

Wall mount using two screws

clock sets time automatically with wifi

Connect to a power outlet

clock sets time automatically with wifi

Connect clock to wifi using the simple app

clock sets time automatically with wifi

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clock sets time automatically with wifi

FluidClock Pro


  • Built in WiFi with security automatically sets time
  • Easily customize and manage all of your facility's clocks with the FluidClock app in any web browser
  • High-visibility 10" x 5" multi-color LED display readable from over 50 feet away
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Flush mounts to wall with 2 screws and can cover a standard AC outlet
  • Optional side-mount hallway bracket and top-mount ceiling bracket
  • Larger display sizes available

We needed an accurate clock system for our office so we chose FluidClock. The installation was quick and every clock shows the correct time, all the time. I would highly recommend FluidClock to anyone who needs a reliable clock system.

Dave M

The smarter, simpler clock

FluidClock is a better clock system for your building

Tell us about your application and we can help you create the perfect clock system. Our customized options include larger display sizes, wall/ ceiling mounting brackets, and more. Our competitive pricing makes FluidClock one of the most affordable synchronized clock systems on the market today.