A smarter alarm clock

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Make FluidClock your own!

Choose from hundreds of free, beautiful face designs from the face store. Or make your own custom faces.

The simplest, smartest clock.

Easy to use, powerful app

Set alarms, customize the faces and sounds, it's just as easy to use as your smart phone alarm. 

Faces customizable to you

Choose from hundreds of possible faces and make your clock your own.

More than just the time

Faces can display any data shown live on the clock. Want to see your YouTube subscriber count? How about the weather? It's only limited by your imagination!

Sets itself

Using the built in wifi connection, FluidClock always shows perfectly accurate time, down to the millisecond.

Automatically dims at night

The integrated light sensor automatically changes the clock to the "night face" when you turn off your lights.

Guaranteed wake up

The powerful speaker can be adjusted up to 10 x louder than the typical smart phone speaker.

The FluidClock web app makes it simple to:

"I was searching for an alarm clock for my room and the clocks I saw either didn't look good, or were complicated to set. I decided to build the exact alarm clock I was looking for, and now I have a prototype. I've been using it for just over 3 months and love it."

Cameron- Founder, FluidClock

FluidClock Wake Beta

It's finally here! We now have a working product and are offering it to a small number of interested smart home enthusiasts.

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